Course Details

Course Details

IBM WebSphere Transformation extender (WTX 8.4)

  • Installation: IBM WTX 8.4
  • EAI (Enterprises application integrator)
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Uses of EDI and file formats
  • Design components of the WTX
  • Fundamental Integration Concepts & Tools
  • Creation of Type tree Method
  • Defining the components
  • Type tree Properties
  • Build the type tree
  • Validate the input data
  • How to create the Trace file
  • What is the initiator, terminator, Release Character
  • Attributes of the WTX (sized attribute, Restart attribute, Identifier)
  • Group properties, Item Properties
  • Map Designer, Uses of the map designer
  • Creating the functional mp
  • Component rules
  • Important Functions (Lookup, search up, extract , run, index etc)
  • Fetching Modes: (Burst mode, Integral mode)
  • Adapters: File, Sink, Database, FTP and Integration flow designer,Database interface
  • designer
  • Resource registry

Lab Scenarios:

Lab 1:     Type Tree Designer
Lab 2:     Importing Type Trees using COBOL Copybook
Lab 3:     Importing Type Trees using XSD
Lab 4:     Type Designer Using Type Tree Maker
Lab 5:     Map Designer Creating a Simple Map
Lab 6:     Map Designer Creating a Complex Map
Lab 7:     Map Designer Using Run Function
Lab 8:     Partition Type tree
Lab 9 :    Integration Flow Designer Creating a Simple System Design file
Lab 10:   Creating a Launcher File & Deploying map in Launcher
Lab 11:    Unordered
Lab 12:    Configuring Resource Registry
Lab 13:    Resource Registry
Lab 14 :   MQ Adapter Using MQ Adapter at output card
Lab 15:    IIB With WTX Integration

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  1. I am unable to connect to the IBM MQ.
    please send the docs about (Lab 14 :MQ Adapter Using MQ Adapter at output card)

  2. i want need some doc on lab 14th.

  3. Hi,

    which companies are using this technology?



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