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Benefits of IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender - WTX

Already we discuss overview on IBM WTX in our previous posts don't worry I little brief summary on IBM WTX below or you check the over...


How To Export A Type Tree

In this blog post we will get to know how to export a type tree to a document file containing a script of commands in XML format. We can e...


How to build maps in different environment in IBM WTX ?

To run a map on another platform, you must build the map for that platform, using the Build for Specific Platform command. To run a map on...


Message Broker and WTX integration - Running multiple instances of maps with message flow Running multiple instances of maps

Running multiple instances of maps : There are some restrictions we should note when we use a pre-compiled map concurrently in more th...


IBM WTX Interview Questions Part II

What is syntax? The syntax of data refers to its format including tags, delimiters, terminators, and other characters that separate or i...


Padding Differences in IBM WTX

Padding Differences: "Consider the structure is having the fixed length of 10 with padded 0." If type tree is used in inpu...


IBM WTX Interview Questions Part I

What is release Character? A release character is a one-byte character in the data that indicates that the character(s) following it sho...

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