Overview of IBM WTX

Overview of IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender

Overview of IBM WTX

          The IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) is a powerful product, that is used for the transaction-oriented universal data transformation and validating the solution to deliver the flexibility for IT systems, which will result in business agility. Using this WTX, transformation of high-volume, complex transactions without the need for hand-coding, this provides enterprises with a quick ROI (Return on Investment)

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) performs routing and transformation of data, in any format that includes non-XML, XML, and mixed formats, from source systems to target systems in real-time and batch environments. These types of sources can contain relational databases, files, packaged applications, Message-Oriented Middle ware (MOM), or any other external sources. After retrieving the data from its sources, WTX (WebSphere Transformation Extender) transforms the data and routes it to many number of targets where it will be needed, and provides the appropriate format and content for each target system.

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender is integrated with other components of the IBM WebSphere integration software suite for complete transnational and operational data integration across the enterprise. The Benefits of IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) are as follows:

  • Automation is done at a peak point for the routing and transformation of complex data across many points of the integration in real time scenario for supporting the high message volumes.
  • Interoperability is maintained for the Enterprise-wide, by a Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) for seamless connectivity with across back-office systems.
  • Through this we can connect to a wide range of existing, mainframe, and enterprise applications, messaging systems, databases, and as well as external information sources also.
  • Validation of transactions are done by using IBM WTX as it supports high-performance, event-driven, transactional environments to ensure completion and in real time are done.
  • IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender contains a comprehensive library that contains more than 120 pre-built functions which are indeed designed to reduce the development time and simplify the specification of rules for transformation, validation, and routing.
  • IBM WTX is designed as a Ready-to-use solution based on industry standards and regulatory compliance required for operational and transactional data integration.
  • Seamless integration across the development, data, and production layers of the enterprise, leveraging existing IT infrastructures is done by using this IBM WTX (WebSphere Transformation Extender).

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