IBM WTX Interview Questions Part II

What is syntax?
The syntax of data refers to its format including tags, delimiters, terminators, and other characters that separate or identify sections of data.

What is semantics?
The semantics of data refer to the meaning of the data including rules for data values, relationships among parts of a large data object, and error detection and recovery.

IBM WTX Interview Questions Part II

What is a type tree?
A type tree describes the syntax, structure, and semantics of your data.
A type tree (.mtt) defines the entire contents of at least one input that you intend to map or one output you intend to map.
A type tree is the mechanism for defining each element of your data. Similar to a data dictionary, a type tree contains a collection of type definitions.

What is the use of properties window?
The Properties window is used to define and view the properties of the currently selected type. Each type has properties that define the characteristics of that data object.

What are the common properties for the Item types?
For Item types, properties define whether the item is text, a number, a date & time or a syntax value. Properties include such characteristics as size, pad characters and justification.

What are the steps to create a *.mdq file?
A database/query file contains the definitions for one or more databases as well as queries, stored procedures, and other specifications that may contribute to the execution of a map. A database/query file is a file you create and save using the commands on the File menu in the Database Interface Designer. The result is a file with an extension of .mdq. This file name (including its path) appears in the title bar of the Database Interface Designer window when it is the selected file in the Navigator, indicating that it is the active .mdq file.

Is it necessary to stop an event server when new system/changes to a system is deployed?
Yes. Before you create or update an .msl file from the Integration Flow Designer (IFD), stop the Event Server and Event Server Monitor. If the Event Server is running when you create or update an .msl file, the change is not recognized and the file does not appear in the Event Server Monitor. You must restart the Event Server in order for changes to be recognized.

What are the common properties for the Group types?
For Group types the properties are related to the format of that group. The format of a group may be explicit or implicit. In addition, type properties include syntax objects that appear at the beginning or end of the object as well as release characters.

What are the different windows in type tree?
· Item Window
· Group Window
· Category Window

· Properties Window
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