Benefits of IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender - WTX

Already we discuss overview on IBM WTX in our previous posts don't worry I little brief summary on IBM WTX below or you check the overview of IBM WTX

WTX is a data transformation tool, for instance it will transform CSV into XML, one quality of XML (e.g. RosettaNet) into another (e.g. an application format) etc. WTX earlier recognized as Mercator and Data Stage TX. It is taken and developed by IBM.

The WebSphere Transformation Extender product is a powerful, transaction-oriented universal data transformation and validation solution that passes adaptability for your IT systems, emerging in business agility. WebSphere Transformation Extender performs transformation and routing of data, in any format including XML, non-XML, and mixed formats, from source systems to target systems in batch and real-time environments. After recovering the data from its sources, WebSphere Transformation Extender transforms the data and routes it to any number of targets where it is needed, providing the appropriate content and format for each target system.

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender - WTX Benfits

Benefits of IBM WTX
  • Single, universal transformation solution that runs over all IBM's key integration solutions.
  • Highly automated transformation and routing of complex data across several
  • Enterprise-wide interoperability supported by a services-oriented architecture
  • points of integration in real time to support high message volumes
  • Efficiently manage and adapt to changing industry standards with easy to install Industry-pack updates.
  • Connectivity to a wide range of mainframe, existing, and enterprise
  • Extends Sterling B2B Integrator, WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere ESB and Business Process Manager with advanced transformation and validation capabilities.
What makes WebSphere Transformation Extender so different

In WTX Data is established to content rules and context usages as part of the transformation process. It is not required to write separate logic or have separate executions to provide extremely rich data validation.  There is no “language” to WebSphere Transformation Extender. The transforms and data processors are all maintained within the spreadsheet-type GUI. It is not necessary to write code to handle complex transforms.  WebSphere Transformation Extender uses self-describing data models to handle data in its native format and has a unique mechanism for describing data in its native form.

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