How To Export A Type Tree

In this blog post we will get to know how to export a type tree to a document file containing a script of commands in XML format. We can export a type tree or a part of type tree into .mts file extension which is a XML format. This .mts file can then be utilized as input to the Type Tree Maker, which generates a type tree or segment of a type tree.

IBM Websphere Transformation Extender Type Trees

Here are the steps to export a type tree or part of a type tree:
1. Choose the type you want to export. In case if you want to export the complete type tree, you have to choose the root.  
2. From the Tree menu, select Export. Now after this action The Save As dialog box is exhibited.
3. Select the directory in which you wish to place the .mts file.
4. Enter the file name you wish for the .mts file.
5. Now click OK.
For better understanding we will see a example , here is a scenario where the programmers want to produce a document file that generates all of the InventoryData types in the tree Product Data.mtt. Select the type InventoryData and then choose Export from the Tree menu. Enter the name of the document file in the Save As dialog box. Here by default  name is the name of the tree followed by an .mts extension.

The subtree of the chosen type is exported. In case if you choose type other than the root, it is understood that you are adding to an existing tree and the document file will have a <OPENTREE> command. If you choose the root type, it is understood that you are creating a new tree and the document file has a <NEWTREE> command.
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