How to build maps in different environment in IBM WTX ?

To run a map on another platform, you must build the map for that platform, using the Build for Specific Platform command. To run a map on another platform, that platform must have the Command Server installed. To identify which map is built for a specific platform, maps compiled for specific platforms are compiled with platform-specific file name extensions. The name of the platform-specific compiled map file is the executable map name with the platform-specific file name extension.

For example, building the map MyMap for the MVS platform compiles the MyMap.mvs map. The platform-specific file name extensions prevent you from inadvertently overwriting your original compiled map and help identify which compiled map file should be transferred to the specific platform environment.
how to build maps in IBM WTX

Note : Creating a folder exclusively for platform-specific maps is strongly recommended.

The Build for Specific Platform command creates a compiled map file in the format required for a given platform, which accounts for byte-order and character set differences on that platform.

To build a map for a specific platform

1. Select the map you want to build.

2. From the Map menu, choose Build for Specific Platform. The Select Platform dialog box appears.

3. For the Platform, select the platform on which you plan to run the map.

The File Name field on the Select Platform dialog box updates with the name of the compiled map that will be ported to that platform.

4. Click OK.

After the map is built for the specific platform, perform a binary file transfer of compiled map file to the command server environment. For example, in a UNIX environment, you might use FTP to transfer the ported map to your UNIX server.

You should always use the Build for Specific Platform command when your target platform has a different byte order or character set than the one in your map development environment.
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