IBM WTX Map Nodes

IBM WTX Map Nodes

The WTX Map node is on of the components of WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) for Message Broker, this is packaged with WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) for Integration Servers and also available for use in Message flows of Message Broker. It runs a WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) map within a message flow. The WTX Map node uses one or more Message Broker message trees as its input, runs a WebSphere TX map that you specify, and creates one or more Message Broker message trees as its output.

IBM WTX Map Nodes

The map that runs by the WTX Map node can be either a compiled map that is pre-deployed to the broker, or can be a source map that is compiled when the message flow is added to a broker archive (BAR) file and deployed as part of broker archive deployment. The map can have multiple input cards, but the WTX Map node only has a single input terminal. The message arrives at the input terminal and then the proper pre-assigned input card picks up the message internally and maps it.

If the message tree that arrives at the input terminal consists of a single message, the input card that receives the message should be chosen. If the arriving message tree is a message collection containing multiple messages, then each message in the collection is delivered to the appropriate input card. Then the WTX Map node runs the map.

WebSphere TX comes from a different background and has different strengths compared to Message Broker. Its heritage is in processing large file structures, and it can provide complex data transformation capabilities for all structured and semi-structured data formats, including mixed types. Also, WebSphere TX is better suited to handling custom tagged message formats or mixed tagged and binary. Finally, it is well suited for large file structures. Together, WebSphere TX and Message Broker provide a combination unique in the marketplace for its breadth and depth.
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